Frequently asked questions about the institutional repository

1. What does eResearch contain?

eResearch is a digital collection of research output from the University, and includes:

  • journal articles
  • book chapters or sections
  • A paper, poster, speech, lecture or presentation given at a conference, workshop or other event
  • A monogragh - this includes project or technical reports, working papers, discussion papers, manuals or other documentation.

Journal articles can be pre- or post-prints depending on publisher policy regarding deposit in institutional repositories. Please contact the Library Services staff for further information.

Preprints - a pre-refereed, unpublished paper which may be submitted for publication

Postprints - the final peer-reviewed published version of a paper

2. What is eResearch not?

  • An Open Access journal. For more information about these please see the Directory of Open Access Journals (
  • An alternative to publishing in a scholarly peer-reviewed journal
  • It is also not likely to increase opportunities for plagiarism. Much research material is already available electronically and making material freely available allows plagiarism to be detected more easily.

3. Why should I use eResearch?

There are advantages to researchers in depositing material in eResearch:

  • Increased visibility of research output leading to increased citations and better communication between researchers
  • Secure, long-term storage
  • Outward linking to other sites, for example, author's personal home page, links to cited references.
  • It facilitates the easy creation of bibliographies or publication lists for CVs.

The institution also benefits from the collection of all research material in one site as eResearch will become a show case for research at QMU. It makes the discovery of research material easier by being readily visible to prospective business collaborators, academics, or students.

4. Can I continue to include my papers on my personal home page?

eResearch is not intended as a replacement for personal homepages, however deposit within the repository has advantages over inclusion in home pages:

  • Research papers deposited in the repository will have high quality metadata (bibliographic description) attached. This will result in better retrieval and higher ranking in search engine result lists than that achieved by a paper on a personal homepage.
  • Compliance with international standards for metadata means that material in eResearch is accessible to repository search engines, for example, OAIster ( and OpenDOAR (
  • eResearch provides long-term storage and preservation of QMU research output in all media formats including video and photographic material as well as peer-reviewed articles. This will not be possible with a personal home page.

5. Who is responsible for eResearch?

Library Services staff are responsible for the development of the repository and will provide day-to-day administration and support.

6. How is material added to eResearch?

Library Services staff will upload material of all types to the repository and add bibliographic details in compliance with international standards. Please send material to

There is also the option for academic staff to deposit material within the repository from where it will be collected by Library Services staff and bibliographic details added. Please follow the create account link on the repository home page. Once an account has been created you will be able to deposit material for collection by Library Services staff.

7. What are the responsibilities of a self-depositing researcher?

  • The work should be original
  • The author should not deposit works where copyright or other intellectual property rights may be infringed.

8. What about copyright?

  • Deposit of articles in the repository is covered by copyright law. Readers will have no more rights for copying and downloading than for any other publication. Readers should be aware that documents may be protected by both foreign and UK copyright, and may not be downloaded for any commercial purpose
  • For authors, publisher policies on the use of institutional repositories and the deposit of pre- or post-prints can be found on the RoMEO website at
  • It becoming increasingly common for authors to license the publisher to publish their work, rather than signing away their copyright which allows for greater control over the use of their work, including deposit in a repository.
  • If you are not sure on what can be deposited please contact Library Services staff.

10. Other repositories?

Information about other academic open access repositories can be found on the Directory of Open Access Repositories (OpenDOAR) website at

Subject based repositories exist for many areas, for more information please contact the LRC.

11. Contacts

To email material for deposit in eResearch please use:

Technical Support: George Harvie

Tel: 0131 474 0000 and ask for George Harvie when prompted by our automated system.

Further information and research support: Helen Muir (semester-time only)

Tel: 0131 474 0000 and ask for Helen Muir when prompted by our automated system.