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Schrag, Anthony (2018) The Artist As Social Worker Vs. The Artist As Social Wanker. Museums & Social Issues. ISSN 1559-6893

Schrag, Anthony (2018) Non-Visual Aesthetics: Seeing the World with Our Bodies. Visual Culture in Britain. ISSN 1941-8361

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Book Section

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Blanche, Rachel (2015) Mapping the Visual Arts in Scotland: Survey of Individuals Working in the Visual Arts Sector in Scotland, Undertaken by the Scottish Contemporary Art Network (SCAN) On behalf of Creative Scotland, A Report of Key Findings Prepared by Rachel Blanche December 2015. Other. Creative Scotland, Edinburgh.

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Conference or Workshop Item

Schrag, Anthony and Hope, Sophie and Shaw, Becky (2018) Chewing and Pooing: The digestive system as a metaphor for practice-research in participatory contexts (Panel). In: Cultures of Participation 2018, 18-20 April 2018, Aarhus University, Aarhus, Denmark.

Schrag, Anthony and Hope, Sophie and Shaw, Becky (2018) Half Eaten - Practice Research within Organisations (Workshop). In: Artistic Research Will Eat Itself, 9th SAR International Conference on Artistic Research, 11-13 April 2018, Arts Institute, University of Plymouth.

Schrag, Anthony and Oakley, M. (2018) Movement: Amongst Other Things (Workshop). In: Exchanging Knowledge: Artlink Hospital Activities Programme, January - March 2018, Western General Hospital, Edinburgh.

Schrag, Anthony (2017) Movement: Amongst Other Things (Workshop). In: Markmaking: Artlink Hospital Activities Programme, October - December 2017, Western General Hospital, Edinburgh.


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Schrag, Anthony (2015) Lure of the Lost: a contemporary pilgrimage. Deveron Arts, Aberdeen.

Schrag, Anthony (2014) We All Cast Shadows. Aberdeen Art Gallery, Aberdeen.


Schrag, Anthony (2018) Time Is A Virus: Mobilisation #3. [Artefact]


Schrag, Anthony (2016) This New Ruin. [Show/Exhibition]


Schrag, Anthony and Finbow, Alice (2017) Trying Not To Break Things. [Image]

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