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    • The subtalar joint axis palpation technique part 2: Reliability and validity results using cadaver feet 

      Van Alsenoy, Ken K.; D'Aot, Kristiaan; Vereecke, Evie E.; De Schepper, Joris; Santos, Derek (2014-07)
      Background: Clinically locating the point of no rotation to determine the subtalar joint axis location by applying pressure on the plantar surface of the foot was described by Kirby in 1987 but was never validated. We ...
    • The Subtalar Joint Axis Palpation Technique-Part 1 

      Van Alsenoy, Ken K.; De Schepper, Joris; Santos, Derek; Vereecke, Evie E.; D'Aot, Kristiaan (2014-05)
      Background: Locating the position of the subtalar joint axis can be a predictive clinical variable in biomechanical analysis and a valuable tool in the design of functional foot orthoses. Before testing Kirby's palpation ...