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    • CMIP and ATP2C2 Modulate Phonological Short-Term Memory in Language Impairment 

      Newbury, D. F.; Winchester, Laura; Addis, L.; Paracchini, Silvia; Buckingham, Lyn-Louise; Clark, Ann; Cohen, W.; Cowie, H.; Dworzynski, Katharina; Everitt, Andrea; Goodyer, I. M.; Hennessy, E.; Kindley, A. D.; Miller, Laura L.; Nasir, J.; O'Hare, Anne; Shaw, D.; Simkin, Z.; Simonoff, E.; Slonims, V.; Watson, Jocelynne; Ragoussis, Jiannis; Fisher, S. E.; Seckl, J.; Helms, P. J.; Bolton, P. F.; Pickles, A.; Conti-Ramsden, G.; Baird, G.; Bishop, DVM; Monaco, A. P. (2009-08-14)
      Specific language impairment (SLI) is a common developmental disorder characterized by difficulties in language acquisition despite otherwise normal development and in the absence of any obvious explanatory factors. We ...
    • Genetic and phenotypic effects of phonological short-term memory and grammatical morphology in specific language impairment 

      Falcaro, M.; Pickles, A.; Newbury, D. F.; Addis, L.; Banfield, E.; Fisher, S. E.; Monaco, A. P.; Simkin, Z.; Conti-Ramsden, G.; Newbury, D. F.; Banfield, E.; Addis, L.; Cleak, J. D.; Cardon, L. R.; Merriden, M. J.; Goodyer, I. M.; Simonoff, E.; Bolton, P. F.; Slonims, V.; Baird, G.; Everitt, Andrea; Hennessy, E.; Shaw, D.; Helms, P. J.; Kindley, A. D.; Clark, Ann; Watson, Jocelynne; O'Hare, Anne; Seckl, J.; Cowie, H.; Cohen, W.; Nasir, J.; Bishop, DVM (2008-06)
      Deficits in phonological short-term memory and aspects of verb grammar morphology have been proposed as phenotypic markers of specific language impairment (SLI) with the suggestion that these traits are likely to be under ...