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    • Understanding fragility: Implications for global health research and practice 

      Diaconu, Karin; Falconer, Jennifer; Vidal, Nicole L.; O'May, Fiona; Azasi, Esther; Elimian, Kelly; Bou-Orm, Ibrahim R.; Sarb, Cristina; Witter, Sophie; Ager, Alastair (Oxford University Press, 2019-12-10)
      Advances in population health outcomes risk being slowed—and potentially reversed—by a range of threats increasingly presented as ‘fragility’. Widely used and critiqued within the development arena, the concept is ...
    • Cholera diagnosis in human stool and detection in water: protocol for a systematic review of available technologies 

      Diaconu, Karin; Falconer, Jennifer; O'May, Fiona; Jimenez, Miguel; Matragrano, Joe; Njanpop-Lafourcade, Betty; Ager, Alastair (2018-02-20)
      Background: Cholera is a highly infectious diarrheal disease spread via fecal contamination of water and food sources; it is endemic in parts of Africa and Asia and recent outbreaks have been reported in Haiti, the Zambia ...