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    • Consumer overindebtedness: a review of the quality of money advice services in Scotland 

      Brennan, Carol; Gallagher, Kelly (2007-10)
      Levels of consumer borrowing and debt in the UK and globally continue to rise. Credit makes a vital contribution to the success of the UK economy by driving economic activity and allowing consumers flexibility in how they ...
    • A review of the 'consumer interest' in organic meat 

      Brennan, Carol; Gallagher, Kelly; McEachern, M. G. (2003-10)
      The study aims to provide a critical review of the literature on the consumer interest in the UK in organic food, with a particular focus on organic meat. Given that people are more likely to purchase products if they have ...
    • Consumer Support Networks : improving consumer advice in the UK 

      Brennan, Carol; Gallagher, Kelly (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 2002-09)
      In 1999, Central Government launched an initiative to establish Consumer Support Networks (CSNs) throughout Scotland, England and Wales. The purpose of the networks is to improve access to high quality consumer advice ...