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    • CMIP and ATP2C2 Modulate Phonological Short-Term Memory in Language Impairment 

      Newbury, D. F.; Winchester, Laura; Addis, L.; Paracchini, Silvia; Buckingham, Lyn-Louise; Clark, Ann; Cohen, W.; Cowie, H.; Dworzynski, Katharina; Everitt, Andrea; Goodyer, I. M.; Hennessy, E.; Kindley, A. D.; Miller, Laura L.; Nasir, J.; O'Hare, Anne; Shaw, D.; Simkin, Z.; Simonoff, E.; Slonims, V.; Watson, Jocelynne; Ragoussis, Jiannis; Fisher, S. E.; Seckl, J.; Helms, P. J.; Bolton, P. F.; Pickles, A.; Conti-Ramsden, G.; Baird, G.; Bishop, DVM; Monaco, A. P. (2009-08-14)
      Specific language impairment (SLI) is a common developmental disorder characterized by difficulties in language acquisition despite otherwise normal development and in the absence of any obvious explanatory factors. We ...