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    • Energy expended when walking 10,000 steps at different speeds 

      Macpherson, Colin; Purcell, Cl_ona; Bulley, Catherine (2009)
      This study aimed to investigate whether individuals who walk 10,000 steps at faster and slower speeds meet recommendations to expend 150 kilocalories (kcals) and spend 30 minutes in moderate intensity physical activity. ...
    • 10,000 steps a day to improve health: investigating fast and slow walking speeds 

      Purcell, Cl_ona; Bulley, Catherine; Macpherson, Colin; MacMillan, C.; Crawford, L.; Joyce, D.
      PURPOSE: This study investigated whether individuals walking 10,000 steps per day at fast and slow walking speeds are likely to achieve the minimum recommended daily energy expenditure from physical activity. RELEVANCE: ...