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    • Cheeky little monkeys: Emancipation and art in regards to education versus participation 

      Schrag, Anthony (Engage: The National Association for Gallery Education, 2019-05-31)
      The inception of the Social Exclusion Unit in 1997 by the recently elected New Labour government saw participatory art projects being applied to the issues of community cohesion and social inclusion with the explicit aim ...
    • Finish what you start... (Ken leikkiin ryhtyy, se leikin kestäköön) – Exploring place through play 

      Schrag, Anthony (HUMAK (Humanities University of Applied Sciences) Publications, 2018-12-12)
      On May 26th, 2018, the Lights On! project delivered a new experiment exploring the heritage sites of the islands of Vallisaari and Kuninkaansaari, just outside Helsinki. The project was developed in collaboration between ...
    • Coproduction of knowledge for practice through a participatory action research and process evaluation project (Lydia Osteoporosis Project 2, LOP 2) 

      Smith, Margaret Coulter; Schrag, Anthony; Kelly, Fiona; Pearson, Claire; Bacigalupo, Alison (BioMed Central, 2018-08-17)
      Background - Participatory action research (PAR) is active, collaborative and seeks to develop knowledge from everyday occurrences (Reason and Bradbury 2013). A creative movement workshop developed from the Lydia Osteoporosis ...
    • TrainWreck, or The Failures of Infrastructure: reflections on a Creative People and Place project 

      Schrag, Anthony (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, 2018-07-23)
      This reflective text considers the ‘failures of infrastructure’ from the perspective of a researcher involved in a participatory art project funded by Creative People and Places. It uses a single project to act as a microcosm ...
    • The artist as social worker vs. the artist as social wanker 

      Schrag, Anthony (Taylor & Francis, 2018-06-19)
      This paper briefly explores the problematic notion of the ‘artist as a social worker’ and aims to develop an (ethical) counterpoint to this position via Mouffe’s concept of agonism. It begins by tracing some conceptual ...
    • Non-visual aesthetics: Seeing the world with our bodies 

      Schrag, Anthony (Taylor & Francis, 2018-05-22)
      This text explores the role of 'physical ontologies' within Socially Engaged Art practices, and explores how the notion of visual art can be limiting to artworks developed with communities and 'non-artists'. It uses the ...
    • Time Is A Virus: Mobilisation #3 

      Schrag, Anthony (2018-05-07)
      This ‘art walk’ looks at the notion of pilgrimage and combines various different narratives of Glasgow, inviting participants to re-think and re-see their city through the guided tour. It re- presents Glasgow as a water-city ...
    • Chewing and Pooing: The digestive system as a metaphor for practice-research in participatory contexts (Panel) 

      Schrag, Anthony; Hope, Sophie; Shaw, Becky (2018-04-20)
      The commonality between the panel leaders lies in our use of participatory art methods to explore particular contexts (e.g. hospitals, public galleries, call centres, local authorities) in order to explore the material ...
    • Half Eaten - Practice Research within Organisations (Workshop) 

      Schrag, Anthony; Hope, Sophie; Shaw, Becky (2018-04-11)
      The commonality between the workshop leaders lies in our use of art methods to explore particular contexts (e.g. hospitals, public galleries, call centres, local authorities) in order to explore the material processes and ...
    • Masculine Imminence: The Male Gaze Vs Gazing At Men. 

      Schrag, Anthony (Stills Gallery, 2018-01-11)
      A review of Photographer James Parker's Photography
    • Movement, amongst other things 

      Schrag, Anthony (2017-12-08)
      As part of the wider exhibition programme Amongst Other Things which has occurred through hospitals in Edinburgh, Dr Anthony Schrag has been working with a group of Occupational Therapists (OTs) at the Western General ...
    • Trying Not To Break Things 

      Schrag, Anthony; Finbow, Alice (LOP - Lydia Osteoporosis Project, 2017-07-31)
      These images try to encompass the dramatic impact that small actions can have on someone with osteoporosis, illustrating pain, frustration and the limitations of the body. They are not meant as a representation of real-life ...
    • The Artist As Social Worker Vs. The Artist as Social Wanker Or Five Acts of How 

      Schrag, Anthony (Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema, 2016-05-15)
      Exploring the absurdity of practice-based research, this essay is framed using the lens of Samuel Beckett's notion of existentialism as a productive way of thinking through the problematic notions artists working and ...
    • This New Ruin 

      Schrag, Anthony (2016-01-15)
      The script for a performance exploring a fictional future of the town of Helmsdale. Drawn from a project based on the 200th Anniversary of the Highland Clearances, the work is the documentation of a piece of practice-based ...
    • Imperfection As Resistance: How do imperfect people embody utopian values? 

      Schrag, Anthony (Somerset House, King's College London and the Courtauld Institute, 2016)
      Chapter contribution to the artistic output (and documentation) stemming out of the iPaths to Utopia' exhibition from Kings College London. The project aimed to traverse the world of arts, health and higher education in ...
    • A Collective Timeline of Socially Engaged Public Art Practice 1950-2015 

      Cartiere, Cameron; Hope, Sophie; Schrag, Anthony; Yon, Elisa; Zebracki, Martin (Routledge, 2015-11-19)
      A visual timeline of significant contributions to Socially Engaged Practices. All histories are subjective. We cannot hope to fully capture the timeline of socially engaged artworks over the past half- millennium, but we ...
    • Lure of the Lost: a contemporary pilgrimage 

      Schrag, Anthony (Deveron Arts, 2015-08-11)
      A monograph documenting the artist-based research of a project by Anthony Schrag as he walked from Huntly, Aberdeenshire to Venice, Italy. It is the outcome of practice-based exploration of both 'walking art practices' and ...
    • The Imposition of Help 

      Schrag, Anthony (Fourthwall Books, 2015-02-11)
      Exploring to what extent 'ameliorative' artworks are possible, from the perspective of a practitioner on a research-based residency in South Africa. It focuses specifically on one particular artwork - a performance in ...
    • The Benefits of Being A Bit Of An Asshole 

      Schrag, Anthony (Intellect, 2014-09-01)
      In the UK, over the past decade, Socially Engaged practices have been variously employed to eradicate conflict and produce artworks that are diverse, multiple, all-welcoming and that smooth the turbulence of social tensions. ...
    • We All Cast Shadows 

      Schrag, Anthony (Aberdeen Art Gallery, 2014-06-15)
      This publication is the documentation of a practice-based research into the situating of a public art gallery into a community, and how the community felt about that imposition.