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    • Critical Conversations and A Call to Action!: A collective report from the June 2020 virtual gathering 

      Arif, Shehla; Avery, Leanne; Ba-Aoum, Mohammed; Baillie, Caroline; Baptiste, Sara; Brownwell, Sarah; Byrne, Chris; Catalano, George; Chahim, Dean Mohammed; Cunningham, Andrew; Feinblatt, Eric; Fernandez, Steve; Forero, Camilo Andres Navarro; Gupta, Minoo; Haralampides, Katy; Harnisch, Emma; Herring, Callie; Hobbs, Rachel; Hyde, Rosie; Iyer, Deepak; Jones, Sharon; Kadetz, Paul; Kilic-Bahi, Semra; Lander, Daniel Chapman; Leaning, Foha; Lehr, Jane; Lurkis, Elisa; Lynch, Ellen; Major, Justin; Matovic, Darko; McCann, Jerry; McMillan, Janice; Mir, Darakhshan; Newbold, Chelsea; Osorio, Carlos; Ottinger, Gwen; Petroff, Meera; Rozo, Juan David Reina; Riley, Donna; Schlemer, Lizabeth T.; Shafer, Alex; Shetler, Melissa; Smit, Renee; Stefanski, Kelly; Stein, Debbie; Stenger, Katelyn; Stoddard, Elisabeth; Taylor, Jessica; Telliel, Yunus; Thornton, Jacqueline; Trenshaw, Kyle; Tshirgi, Necla; Tushaus, Chase; Ulakovic, Nicole; Vega, Julianne; Wallin, Patric; Wertz, Robert; Yoffee, Elicia; Zarazaga, Jessie (Queen’s University Library, 2021-10-24)
      Critical Conversations are held by members of the greater Engineering, Social Justice, and Peace network in the activist tradition of reflecting on our public engagement and collectively discovering ways of deepening our ...
    • ‘Make Them Wonder How You Are Still Smiling’: The Lived Experience of Coping with a Brain Tumour 

      Zanotto, Anna; Goodall, Karen; Ellison, Marion; McVittie, Chris (SAGE Publications, 2023)
      A brain tumour can be a life-threatening illness and cause unique symptoms compared to other types of cancer, such as cognitive or language deficits, or changes in personality. It is an exceptionally distressing diagnosis ...
    • What Ukraine’s viral drone song says about modern day warfare and resistance [Blog post] 

      Dogan, Taner (London School of Economics, 2022-07-22)
      Taner Dogan, Guest Teacher at the LSE, looks at how a set of Turkish drones have become a symbol of resistance in the Russia-Ukraine war, and the implications of this for diplomatic relations.
    • Community stressors and coping mechanisms in accessing the health system during a double crisis: a qualitative case study from Yangon Region, Myanmar 

      Kyaw, Hnin Kalyar; Than, Kyu Kyu; Diaconu, Karin; Witter, Sophie (BioMed Central, 2023-03-06)
      Background: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and political crisis, Myanmar’s health system has suspended routine services while struggling to respond to the pandemic. Many people who need continuous care, like pregnant women ...
    • A multi-country phase 2 study to evaluate the suitcase lab for rapid detection of SARS-CoV-2 in seven Sub-Saharan African countries: Lessons from the field 

      Ceruti, Arianna; Dia, Ndongo; Bakarey, Adeleye Solomon; Ssekitoleko, Judah; Andriamandimby, Soa Fy; Malwengo-Kasongo, Padra; Ahmed, Rasheeda H.A.; Kobialka, Rea Maja; Heraud, Jean Michel; Diagne, Moussa Moise; Dione, Marie Henriette Dior; Dieng, Idrissa; Faye, Martin; Faye, Ousmane; Rafisandratantsoa, Jean Théophile; Ravalohery, Jean-Pierre; Raharinandrasana, Claudio; Randriambolamanantsoa, Tsiry H.; Razanajatovo, Norosoa; Razanatovo, Iony; Rabarison, Joelinotahina H.; Dussart, Phillipe; Kyei-Tuffuor, Louis; Agbanyo, Abigail; Adewumi, Olubusuyi Moses; Fowotade, Adeola; Raifu, Muideen Kolawole; Okitale-Talunda, Patient; Kashitu-Mujinga, Gracia; Mbelu-Kabongo, Christelle; Ahuka-Mundeke, Steve; Makaka-Mutondo, Anguy; Abdalla, Enas M.; Idris, Sanaa M.; Elmagzoub, Wisal A.; Ali, Rahma H.; Nour, Eman O.M.; Ebraheem, Rasha S.M.; Ahmed, Huda H.H.; Abdalla, Hamadelniel E.; Elnegoumi, Musab; Mukhtar, Izdihar; Adam, Muatsim A.M.; Mohamed, Nuha Y.I.; Bedri, Shahinaz A.; Hamdan, Hamdan Mustafa; Kisekka, Magid; Mpumwiire, Monica; Aloyo, Sharley Melissa; Wandera, Joanita Nabwire; Agaba, Andrew; Kamulegeya, Rogers; Kiprotich, Hosea; Kateete, David Patrick; Kadetz, Paul; Truyen, Uwe; Eltom, Kamal H.; Sakuntabhai, Anavaj; Okuni, Julius Boniface; Makiala-Mandanda, Sheila; Lacoste, Vincent; Ademowo, George Olusegun; Frimpong, Michael; Sall, Amadou Alpha; Weidmann, Manfred; Wahed, Ahmed Abd El (Elsevier, 2023-03-03)
      Background : The COVID-19 pandemic led to severe health systems collapse, as well as logistics and supply delivery shortages across sectors. Delivery of PCR related healthcare supplies continue to be ...