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dc.contributor.authorBamber, Veronica
dc.identifier.citationBamber, V. (2005) Lecturer Development: does it work?, , , , ,
dc.description.abstractUniversities have invested a great deal of time and staff effort in lecturer development programmes, especially since Dearing (1997) and the birth of the ILTHE (1999). What seems to be lacking is substantial evidence which demonstrates that this investment has been worthwhile. For example, has student learning improved as a result of the efforts made? In this session we will look at empirical evidence of the effects of lecturer development programmes, both from previous studies and from small-scale research data in a specific institution. We will discuss possible approaches to gathering helpful data in this under-researched area. Session Activities A presentation of data will be followed by discussion of the implications of the data. Delegates will consider how they can improve evidence-gathering in their own institutions, and leave with an Action Plan.
dc.titleLecturer Development: does it work?
dc.description.referencetextBourner, T,. France, L., and Atkinson, A. (2003) Preparing and developing university teachers: an empirical study. Higher Education Review, 35, 3, 23-41. Coffey, M. and Gibbs, G. (2000) Can academics benefit from training? Some preliminary evidence. Teaching in Higher Education, 5, 3, 385-389. Gibbs, G. and Coffey, M. (2004) The impact of training of university teachers on their teaching skills, their approach to teaching and the approach to learning of their students. Active Learning in Higher Education, 5, 1, 87-100. Ho, A. Watkins, D. Kelly, M. (2001) The conceptual change approach to improving teaching and learning: An evaluation of a Hong Kong staff development programme. Higher Education, 42, 143-169. Prosser, M. and Barrie, C. (2003) Using a student-focused learning perspective to align academic development with institutional quality assurance. In R. Blackwell and P. Blackmore (Eds.) Towards strategic staff development in higher education. Berkshire, England: SRHE/Open University Press Rust, C. (1998) The impact of educational development workshops on teachers' practice. The International Journal for Academic Development, 3, 1, 72-80. Rust, C. (2000) Do initial training courses have an impact on university teaching? The evidence from two evaluative studies of one course. Innovations in Education and Training International, 37, 3, 254-261.
qmu.authorBamber, Veronica

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