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dc.description.abstractThere is a problem throughout Scotland and the World of an imbalance of male to females in senior management roles within organizations. This issue persists despite Scotland’s workforce being 50% female. The questions must be asked why is there an imbalance and what are the barriers facing women from reaching senior management? The aim of this investigation is to ascertain whether a women forgoing a family will have a positive impact on their career progression. To gain an understanding of the problem, both primary and secondary research were utilised within this study. Previous research in this area was evaluated and key themes identified. Once the secondary research was completed primary research was undertaken in the form of one-to-one semi-structured interviews to ascertain whether evidence could be gathered on the themes identified. The themes identified within both primary and secondary research methods were the barriers women face when trying to climb the management ladder. Second generation bias and the motherhood penalty are prevalent within organizations, both act as barriers to women’s progression into senior management. Some organizations are already putting in place initiatives to correct this due to the many advantages gained through having females in upper management but more is yet to be done which is also addressed within this investigation.en
dc.titleAn Investigation into the Barriers to Senior Management for Womenen

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