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dc.description.abstractAim: The research aims to examine the influence of performance management on employee relations in call centres. To accomplish the aim the following objectives must be considered, to understand how performance management has been implemented from the perspective of employees, employers and trade unions. To explore the influence that performance management has on organisational culture; as well as identifying the benefits of performance management from an employee and employer perspective. Finally, evaluating the impact of employee relations in the workplace. Overview of methodology design: The methodological stance employed during the study was an exploratory, qualitative case study. To explore what extend the U.K largest banks adaption of performance management influenced their employee relations. The researcher used semi-structured interviews to gain a perspective from three key stakeholders; Employers, Employees, and Trade Union Representive. A purposively sampled group of six, all employed by an organisation which directly measures behaviour through performance management. Findings: Thematic analysis was conducted to present the researcher with five recurring themes; Organisational behaviour, Performance Management Appraisal, Pay Rewards, Training and development and Employee Relations. The evidence imposes that the scope and method of performance management are becoming outdated. Formalising employees who have grown with the organisation and identified to have served long service, to resent their need to participate. Placing emphasis on the difficulty management face, when employee extrinsic attitudes merge into the organisations culture.en
dc.titleThe Influence of Performance Management on Employee Relations; an Explanatory Case Study on a Call Centre in the Financial Industryen

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