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dc.description.abstractPostnatal Depression is a common mental health condition that mothers can experience following childbirth. The condition is associated with various symptoms that can negatively impact the lives of mothers and their families, and is also influenced by social and cultural factors. Mothers experiencing postnatal depression may find it challenging to meet the demands of their motherhood role. Mothers experience significant occupational changes as a result of their new role, which some mothers with postnatal depression may struggle to adapt to. The symptoms of postnatal depression can impact a mother’s ability to perform everyday activities and thus motherhood occupations, which significantly impacts their self-efficacy concerning their motherhood role. The reviewed literature showed that there was a lack of research regarding the lived experience of mothers with postnatal depression and the impact on motherhood occupations. Research exploring the lived experience has the potential to uncover some of the complexities related to this topic. An interpretive phenomenological study is proposed to explore mothers’ lived experience of postnatal depression and the impact on motherhood occupations. Recruitment will come from third sector support services for mothers’ with postnatal mental health issues. Semi-structured interviews will be used to gain an in-depth understanding of mothers’ experiences. It is hoped that the research findings have the potential to support occupational therapists role within an emerging field of practice, inform future practice and encourage further research.en
dc.titleAn exploration into the impact of PND on motherhood occupations: Mothers’ lived experienceen

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