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dc.description.abstractThe purpose of this research is to explore the barriers nurses experience when implementing effective dehydration management in persons with dementia. This study will explore the approaches and methods currently used in practice to improve hydration care for people living with dementia. It will pay particular attention to the perceptions and experiences of registered nurses regarding the barriers they face providing hydration care. A qualitative inductive approach, drawing on phenomenological theory, will be used to address the aims of this study. Over the course of a two month period, ten registered nurses from two geriatric medical wards will be provided with the opportunity to take part in this research. Those who wish to participate will be interviewed to gain in depth data on their perceptions and experiences of the barriers to managing dehydration in persons living with dementia. Data will be analysed using phenomenological principles to produce rich descriptions and interpretations of participating nurse’s experiences. It is hoped that by carrying out this study the findings will be an informative source of evidence for nurses and other health care professionals seeking to improve their practice of hydration care. It will demonstrate a way of enhancing person-centred hydration care for persons living with dementia while allowing nurses to address the barriers identified in the research to ensure the provision of evidence based care.en
dc.titleBarriers to implementing effective dehydration management in persons with dementia: A phenomenological studyen

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