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dc.description.abstractThe purpose of this research proposal is to explore the effects of twelve-hour shifts on both patients and nurses within the acute care setting. This study aims to explore the thoughts, perceptions and opinions nurses and patients have of twelve-hour shifts. This study will also use a phenomenological approach in order to discover more about the experiences both patients and nurses have of these long working hours. The move from eight-hour shifts to twelve-hour shifts has brought about many concerns such as reduced quality of patient care, increased stress for nurses and more nurses becoming fatigued. However, many now favour this new schedule as it allows them to have more work free days allowing them greater flexibility. Over the course of three months, three nurses and three patients from three general medical wards in a large teaching hospital in Scotland will be offered the opportunity to take part in this study. Those selected will take part in a semi-structured interview. Findings will highlight if there are areas of the twelve-hour shift pattern which can be improved upon to give a better experience for both nurses and patients. This proposal has the potential to add to the current quantitative research on this topic, as well as bring rich new findings from a different, qualitative, vantage point. It will present how twelve-hour shifts effect both nurses and patients. It is hoped this will illuminate ways for the healthcare system to adapt and develop to boost nurse’s health and wellbeing and therefore improve patient’s quality of care. Key words: Twelve-hour shifts; patients; nurses; acute care setting; phenomenologyen
dc.titleAn Exploratory study of the effects which twelve-hour shifts have on nurses and patients within the acute care settingen

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