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dc.description.abstractKey Words: technology, nursing practice, person-centred, change The purpose of this research is to explore the thoughts and opinions of nurses on changes in technology, and how it can impact on their person-centred care. The main aims include exploring the impact of technology on person-centred care, and the concepts of change within health care. It is important that these are viewed from the perspective of nurses, to gain an understanding of their own awareness of their thoughts and opinions. To do this, participatory action research will be utilised to ensure that nurses are co-researchers in the process and can guide the study in a way in which will make the most impact for them. This process will be rewarding as they take an active part in changing practice in a direct and meaningful way for themselves. The end goal of this research is to create a framework for the implementation of innovations that can be used by different areas to cater the processes of change to a more productive and beneficial technique. This will require further work with nursing staff that will aim to change practice in the future and aid in the goal of achieving a truly person-centred service.en
dc.titleHow do changes and developments in technology impact on person-centred practice? – a nursing perspectiveen

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