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dc.description.abstractPurpose The aim of conducting this research is to discover the effects and motivations behind being a co-owner in an employee owned firm, and whether this differs with the seniority of role being performed by the employee. The case study for this research is John Lewis and Partners. Research Process The process began through a reviewing of the relevant literature which obtained the themes around the study including organisational structure and motivation. As well as this, sub-themes such as culture, commitment, satisfaction, empowerment and employee development were also identified as being factors that could impact an employee’s behaviour and motivation within an employee owned firm. An evaluation of these themes was conducted in order to understand the importance of which ones to consider and evaluate through the chosen method. Method The researcher felt that with the different environmental pressures and the current changes undertaken by John Lewis and Partners, a qualitative approach would allow the collation of opinions and genuine feelings that a quantitative approach would miss. It was understood that this would take up more time and would mean interviewing a smaller number of Partners in comparison to what could be collated through a quantitative approach. Through the use of interviews, 5 Non-Management Partners, and 4 Management Partners took part in this study. Findings The research concluded that working in an employee owned firm can provide an employee with motivation. Further to this, it was found that source of motivation can differ dependent on the seniority of role performed by an employee. This was found through non-management partners focus on motivation through money, whereas management partners gained motivation through development opportunities. Limitations Overall, only 9 partners took part in this study, and only one branch out of the 400 branches held by JLP was involved in the process, so the results produced cannot be generalised. As well as this, there wasn’t an investigation into other types of employee owned firms and the effects from these.en
dc.titleAn Investigation into John Lewis and Partners plc and Whether Being a “Partner” at Different Levels of Management Has an Effect Upon Employee Motivationen

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