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dc.description.abstractThe overarching arching aim of the research considers and investigates the notions behind celebrity endorsements from a marketing point of view, and its conceptual relationship with consumer behaviour. In accordance with achieving a defined understanding of the aim in question, subsidiary objectives are in place to attain an overall richer and compelling awareness of such a prominent marketing matter. The objectives set out include the examining of social media acting as the catalyst for celebrity endorsement, to explore the potential in marketing by using the free social networks as a platform for advertisement, and to explore and reach an understanding of the relationship between celebrity endorsements and consumer behaviour. The research conducts a thorough literature review into the main conceptual themes which surround the relationship between celebrity endorsements and consumer behaviour, considering the history and related theory of advertising, and the nature of consumer behaviour and its compelling insight into Maslow’s hierarchy. A content analysis was chosen to highlight and include real life celebrity endorsement practices which are seen every day on the social media platform Instagram. The content analysis provided the researcher the potential to showcase various forms of celebrity endorsements which occur, and the ability to capture real life consumer interactions towards this concept of online advertisements. This type of research also contributed to the findings relating to social media as a catalyst for marketing potentials and promotions. However, whilst utilising a content analysis, the researcher must maintain an unbiased approach concerning the data collection and analyses, ensuring no unfaithful or hindering judgements are made. The data collated involves different forms of celebrity endorsements, and statistics which highlight the influential nature of celebrities who are significantly responsible for consumer awareness to brands. The data also includes an insight into a dominant social media brand known as HiSmile, who utilise the strategy of endorsing celebrities as one of their main functions to attract consumers, which has independently boosted the online brands consumer following. The investigation into celebrity endorsements and its relationship and evident impact on consumer behaviour, highlights the conceptual framework of a brand community which is encouraged through celebrity engagement. Secondly, it uncovers the importance of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs acting as a prominent implementation when targeting consumers through advertisements. And finally, the marketing transformation from old traditional methods, to free online marketing on platforms such as Instagram, has enhanced the overriding potential of advertisements in terms of reach and effectiveness, leading to brands such as HiSmile with an unprecedented amount of success.en
dc.titleTo Investigate the Notions behind Celebrity Endorsements from a Marketing Point of View, and the Conceptual Relationship with Consumer Behaviouren

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