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dc.description.abstractThis study qualitatively investigates the influences hotels can have on an event manager’s decision on where to host their event in particular corporate events. Qualitative research was the chosen method for this study due to the structured interviews that were conducted to allow for experiences and opinions to be evaluated. Six interviews were completed to gain research from event managers who either work for a corporate business or an events organisation business and hotel events coordinators. This enabled the researcher to gain two different viewpoints from a business-to-business relationship. The results from the interviews were analysed and evaluated whilst comparing the appropriate literature therefore comparing past researches conducted to a most up-to-date study. During the discussion of the results from the interview themes were identified which then led to the researcher analysing the different influences that can effect an event manager’s decision making when choosing a venue for their event. The objectives set for this study were met whilst analysing the results whilst identifying themes which were then concluded. Recommendations were then given by the researcher which were to carry out more research on the impact corporate events can have on both a corporate business and a hotel as a venue.en
dc.titleA qualitative investigation in to the influence hotels can have on a business’s decision making when choosing their venue to host an eventen

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