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dc.description.abstractThis research project focuses on the motivations and barriers to sustainable practices within the music festival industry. This research is being conducted as part of a final year submission for Queen Margaret University. The research will discuss the topics of sustainability, recycling, consumer motivations and barriers for both organisations and consumers. The research proposes the following hypothesis: event consumers will be more likely to actively recycle at music festivals if they are presented with incentives to do so. The findings from the data collection will prove this hypothesis and present recommendations for both future findings and practical implications into relevant industries. Aim: This research seeks to examine the motivations and barriers to sustainable practices in UK music festivals. A quantitative approach was used, and web-based questionnaires were distributed with a total response rate of 100 respondents, all of which were over the age of 18 and had attended a UK music festival in the past two years. Outcome: The findings of this research indicate that a high level of interest in sustainability is present in music festival consumers, however, recycling does not occur at the same rate as at home, due to a lack of recycling facilities. The findings also suggest that if incentivised to recycle - through methods such as offering discounts on food and beverages or providing tokens and gifts in exchange for plastic and other recyclable materials - then up to 95% of consumers would actively participate in recycling and sustainable behaviours at music festivals.en
dc.titleAn Examination of the Motivations and Barriers to Sustainable Practices in UK Music Festivals: A Quantitative Studyen

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