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dc.description.abstractOver the years’ music festivals have saw rapid growth due to the increasing popularity within individuals, predominantly for music aspects such as the line up or for socialisation purposes. These motivational behaviours can be seen within both men and women and link with what this study aims to address: whether men and women hold different expectations and realities at UK music festivals. Whilst analysing secondary data, it was identified that there was a gap in the literature, as there have been no previous research projects related towards the possibility of both genders holding different expectations and realities at UK music festivals. Studies displayed different aspects like motivations and social media influence that helped the author identify areas which contributed towards answering the overall topic. In order to create literature for this gap, interview questions were developed to be carried out in a semi-structured manner; a qualitative approach. The reasoning behind this was a result of a flexible approach being in favour, allowing participants to express emotions and experiences freely. These questions were developed after identifying the key areas of the literature review, as well as incorporating questions that would provide data for the gap. The research paid close attention towards the aims and objectives of this study in order to reveal the most valuable and accurate data. It was unveiled with respect to the literature review that the key motivations to attend a music festival are socialisation and the music delivered. Overlapping this, it was identified that both genders attain different expectations as a result social media and social groups; however, generally hold the same reality as a result of these initial motivations to attend.en
dc.titleDifferent Genders, Different Views? A Qualitative Study Addressing Whether Men and Women Hold Different Expectations and Realities at UK based Music Festivalsen

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