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dc.description.abstractThe purpose of this dissertation is to examine the perspective of events professionals, Events Management graduates and 4th-year Events Management students on the Events Management curriculum, in particular reference to the programme provided by Queen Margaret University. According to their perspectives, the research will further examine whether the QMU Events Management programme design reflects the industry needs. The study adopts a qualitative research approach, using the form of semi-structured interviews in an attempt to obtain a detailed understanding. Eleven interviews were conducted with four events professionals, three Events Management graduates and four 4th year Events Management students. The findings indicate a gap between the industry and higher education where there is a lack of awareness of the nature of events management programme among the industry. Managers consider students’ transferable skills to be most important, followed by work experience and qualification. Managers acknowledge an Events Management qualification can give students a competitive advantage at the initial stage but require work experience to support the application. The result of the findings recommends Queen Margaret University to establish a closer relationship with the industry and raise awareness of events management education among the industry. The curriculum should also embed a mandatory placement and educators should continually review the curriculum and re-adjust the programme in according to the industry development.en
dc.titleAn evaluation of the suitability of QMU Events Management programme to the industry expectationsen

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