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dc.description.abstractThis study was undertaken to identify the effectiveness of Social Media and Influencer marketing and how this may affect the motivations of music festival attendees. Even though there is a significant number of researches for motivational factors in the tourism and festival industry, a gap in the literature for Music Festivals was established. This research will identify key motivations for Music Festival attendees and examine if these differ from previous studies. This will be followed by an exploration of Social Media and how it can be used by brands to effectively promote their product and service to their target audience. It will also be highlighted what advantages and disadvantages may occur. Lastly, the research will explore the Influencer marketing and how it may be used to create purchase intention. A literature review was developed to show what previous studies have established and what aspects require further research. As there was a gap in the literature identified, primary research in form of a quantitative approach was conducted. A questionnaire was created to collect data online. In order to create a valid and reliable questionnaire, frameworks from past research which were established in the literature were used and adapted. The main findings of the research were that motivations, Social Media and Influencer marketing allows brands to create purchase intention. For Social Media marketing to be effective, managers should improve accounts informativeness, usefulness and entertainment and keep irritations as little as possible. Consumers aged 20 to 25 are more likely to try recommendations of Influencers. For Music Festivals, Influencer marketing may be an effective marketing tool as the majority would be interested to see Influencer posts about music.en
dc.titleAn Investigation on the Effectiveness of Social Media and Influencer Marketing on Music Festival Attendees and Their Motivations Aged 20-30en

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