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dc.description.abstractThe aim of this dissertation is to investigate the portrayal of women in male-dominated sporting events, focussing specifically on football and rugby. This research study will explore factors relating to the portrayal of women in male-dominated sporting events such as media representation, the barriers sportswomen face and differential treatment sportswomen receive compared to their male counterparts. A qualitative approach through semi-structured interviews, was utilised to gain a deeper insight into the experiences of sportswomen competing in male-dominated sports. A total of 11 semi-structured interviews were undertaken, 4 with women rugby players and 7 with women footballers playing for Hibernian Football Club women’s team. The key findings from this research study identify that sportswomen, competing in football and rugby, face a number of barriers as gender stereotypes, discrimination as a result of aesthetics, pay discrimination, unequal access to funding and sponsorship opportunities as well as unequal media coverage compared to their male counterparts. The research study concludes by providing recommendations for future research which would benefit future event managers at sporting events. It also incorporates recommendations which can be used to reduce the unequal treatment towards women in male-dominated sporting events.en
dc.titleAn Investigation on the Portrayal of Women in Male-Dominated Sporting Eventsen

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