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dc.description.abstractThis project set out to establish how safe people feel whilst attending a large-scale music event in terms of the heightened terror threat facing this area. The project also explored whether or not people feel as though their security expectations are being met and what more could be done to ensure this. The terror threat facing large-scale music events is something which event managers are having to take into consideration when deciding on the overall event design. As music events such as festivals and concerts are becoming increasingly popular there are more people being attracted to these events meaning the attendance is also increasing (Getz 2005). There have been many terror related incidents at large-scale music events across the globe including inManchester, Paris and Las Vegas (Müser 2017). Although tour promoters and event managers are trying to ensure that these events are safe for participants to attend, research needs to be conducted to uncover whether attendees think enough is being done to ensure their safety. It became clear that there was a lack of literature on security in terms of the heightened terror threats facing the industry in recent years when conducting background research for the project topic. A survey was posted online, aimed at people who attend large-scale music events in order to ascertain how safe they feel whilst in attendance. The survey showed that although there are stricter security measures being implemented at these events they are not consistently applied and further research is needed to better understand exactly the consumer expectations in terms of safety. The overall outcome of this study shows that consumer expectations are changing in response to the recent terror attacks which have occurred during similar events. The survey also suggests that more can be done by the event industry in ensuring adequate security is in place across large-scale music events. Having better security in place will help to prevent future terror attacks and help people feel safer at these events.en
dc.titleAn investigation into how safe people feel attending large-scale music events in terms of terror threatsen

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