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dc.description.abstractThis dissertation aims to examine the benefits of employer-supported volunteering (ESV) to employees and employers. The primary research question is: ‘How does employer-supported volunteering benefit employees and employers?’. The research objectives are: to identify the main facilitators and barriers of ESV; to analyse the impacts of ESV programmes on employees and employers; to evaluate the benefits of participation in employer-supported volunteering programmes by analysing employee and employer’s views. The research employs the mixed methods approach, in which qualitative approach is examined more closely and quantitative approach is only used for a more descriptive data. Five semi-structured face-to-face interviews were conducted, of which three were with employees and two with employers. Short questionnaire was used for several background questions about the participants. The research was done using a single case study approach and therefore all the findings received were based on views of employees and employers from one organisation. The significant finding of this study is that ESV programmes are very beneficial to organisation’s employees and employers. Main benefits for employees are improved job-related skills, enhanced attitudes and increased knowledge. For employers the main benefits are enhanced public image, reputation and attractiveness of the organisation. Secondary research findings suggest that benefits for employees also count as benefits for employers, as once employees’ skills and attitudes are increased, their productivity is also increased, which overall translates into success for the business. This study also analyses the employees’ perceptions and their reasons for volunteering, of which the most common ones are individual, careerrelated and social reasons. Further, the research shows the role of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in ESV programmes and how employer-supported volunteering affects the organisation’s recruitment strategies.en
dc.titleAn investigation into the role of employer-supported volunteering: benefits to employees and employersen

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