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dc.description.abstractAim This research ascertains the effects and impacts made by the craft beer industry, and the consumption of craft beer, on individual identities and local communities within Edinburgh. Design and Methodological Approach This research selected a qualitative research, while using an explanatory sequential mixed-methods design with online surveys to guide the second stage of focus groups. Data source and methodological triangulation were carried out throughout the research before a thematic analysis was used to answer the research question. Key Findings The research findings satisfied the objectives given and equipped the researcher to answer the research question. The key findings highlight the impact of craft beer consumption on the individual identities, the communities of interest created amongst craft beer consumers in online but also offline groups. Further, the research examined the relationships that they form along with their characteristics, opinions, and beliefs, whereby the main focus lies upon small-scale production within Edinburgh. In addition to that, the dissertation demonstrated evidence that craft beer consumers focus on a sense of localism, act open-minded and adventurous. Finally, it was also established that there is a clear gap between the craft beer industry and its consumers that need to be addressed. Future recommendations Key recommendations for further research are most noticeably the need for a comparative study to allow comparative analysis across geographical areas and an in-depth follow-up study, exploring the perceived gap between the industry and its customers.en
dc.titleWhat effect and impact does the consumption of craft beer have on individual identities and local communities within Edinburgh?en

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