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dc.description.abstractThe aim of this research study is to investigate and analysed how women manage to balance their personal life and work, whilst maintaining a successful career development in the Scottish hospitality sector. This study also helps to gain a better understanding of the women challenges and the factors that influence the career advancement. The aim and objectives of this research will be accomplished through an in-depth literature review along with the results and analysis of the online survey. The researcher decided to adopt a quantitative approach distributing online survey to 68 respondents, women and men, who are currently working in the hospitality sector, mainly in a management position or with an aspiration for a future career progression. The researcher decided to include a few men participants, in order to get a better understanding of the similarity or dissimilarity between the two genders. The results gathered from the analyses of the online survey, identified the different themes and emerging theme that have a direct impact on the career progression and the work-life balance of women working in the hospitality industry. Finally, this study will outline different future recommendations for this research topic such as the possibility of a further investigation focusing more explicitly on the women’s perspective, the comparison of work-life balance between women and men at the same managerial level, a future research should adopt a mixed-method approach in order to get a more holistic and comprehensive insight of the research topic, and, finally, a future comparative study could be undertaken to compare the hospitality sector with another female-dominated sector.en
dc.titleGender Equality: A Vision of Work-life Balance For Women Working in Management in the Hospitality Sectoren

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