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dc.description.abstractTheatre in Edinburgh is a very important part of the cultural landscape of the city. As one of the cultural hubs in the world – hosting the world-famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival every August – Edinburgh has a large history with the theatrical arts. The city is also home to a large number of theatres that cover a spectrum of differences, including large receiving houses; producing houses; and smaller regional theatres, to name a few. However, theatre is also seen as a pass time for older members of society. Edinburgh also has a rich history in academia, producing breakthrough discoveries and playing host to 4 Higher Education institutions in addition to other Further Education institutions. This study looks to explore and answer the question “Do Edinburgh’s Student Population Go to View Theatre in Traditional Theatre Buildings?”. This question will be answered qualitative, quantitative and quali-quantitative methods in order to gain the most rounded collection of data to gain the most in-depth answer for the extent Edinburgh’s students participate in theatre audiences. The methods used are an online survey; a group discussion; and an interview with a former Box Office supervisor at the Lyceum. The study found that the group sampled did go to the theatre and engaged because they wanted to go and see live performances – typically avoiding live streamed performances or recorded performances for cinema viewing. The study also found that there were barriers for students who wanted to engage with theatrical productions, particularly to do with pricing and student related deals – with students citing that they would need to gamble and try to get a last minute ticket on the day. The data also shows that any potential ticket deals lack the advertisement to gain the maximum use from the student population.en
dc.titleDo Edinburgh students go to the theatre and participate in audiences? A qualiquantitative analysis.en

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