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dc.description.abstractToday, there is a big emphasis on living in the present moment. From an increase in people attending meditation and yoga classes to a surge in encouraging self-care, the world is beginning to value the present moment more and more. This practical study looks at into how training in being able to create present mindset as a performer can create another layer to their craft with a primary focus on three objects of improved concentration, improved foundation to stimulate creative ideas and a stronger connection between performers and the space. Throughout her career, Marina Abramovic used presence and engaging with the natural energy created as a foundation of her work which she then moulded into the Abramovic Method. The research uses exercises inspired by the Abramovic Method to encourage participants to engage in a present state of mind grounding themselves in the present time and space.en
dc.titleAn exploration of how practicing exercises inspired by the Abramovic Method can be used to enhance a performer’s state of presence.en

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