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dc.description.abstractThis study explores the impact that weekly drama workshops have on people with disabilities’ achievement of the priorities identified in ‘The Keys to Life’ (2019). The four priorities of ‘The Keys to Life’ (2019) are living, learning, working and wellbeing. The study aims to analyse the effectiveness of drama, in regard to achieving the four priorities identified. ‘The Keys to Life’ (2019) was created with the purpose of ensuring that people with learning disabilities can live their life to its full potential. This study reflects on a practical investigation which observes twelve adults with learning disabilities over a period of six weeks. Findings from the practical investigation will aim to create a correlation between drama and the outcomes attached to the priorities identified in ‘The Keys to Life’ (2019). The study considers relevant academic research and analyses the impact of weekly drama workshops against the outcomes of ‘The Keys to Life’ (2019), through qualitative methods. A pre and post workshop assessment carried out by the researcher, observations and an interview with the activities co-ordinator will highlight any changes in candidate’s behaviours for evaluation and analysis. The data collected will be analysed against the outcomes attached to the four priorities. However, the small sample group and qualitative data gathered, means that no definitive conclusion can be drawn. This study uses a methodology which includes the development and implementation of six drama workshops into the weekly activity schedule of a group of adults with learning disabilities. These workshops were carried out within a Glasgow based charity that supports adults with disabilities. The development of the workshops was heavily influenced by the work of Ian McCurrach and Barbara Darnley (1999) in ‘Special Talents, Special Needs’. ‘Dramatherapy for People with Learning Disabilities’ by Anna Chesner (1995) was also influential throughout the development process.en
dc.titleCan the implementation of regular practical drama workshops, into disability service user’s weekly activity schedule, help them in achieving the four priorities, set out in The Keys to Life 2019-2021 delivery plan?en

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