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dc.description.abstractThe aim of this research is to assess whether eco-friendly packaging in supermarket foods influence the purchase decision of the Y and Z generation. The study will evaluate how consumers behave, examine the influences packaging has on their behaviour and identify what consumers look for in packaging. The study will also assess whether supermarkets are communicating that certain products are sustainably packaged effectively and seeks to identify the most suitable or effective way to carry this out. Finally, the research looks to examine online supermarket shopping, whether this takes away the influence packaging can have on purchase decisions and if this could be having a damaging effect on reducing plastic waste. Assessing the behaviour of consumers regarding eco-friendly products is essential as currently there is too much plastic waste being produced and supermarkets and consumers can play a major role in fixing this problem. The research took a quantitative approach and used online surveys as the tool to gather data. Participants were aged between 18-39, as discussed in the literature review it is vital that this age group understand the impact they can have on reducing plastic waste and helping towards a healthier planet for future generations. The findings from this research found that consumers can be influenced by eco-friendly packaging and that they do so to protect the environment. However, the research found that supermarkets have limited information on their products informing consumers the packaging is eco-friendly and that the usual higher price of such products contributes to the sample group not purchasing the sustainable option. The study found utilising one’s emotions during a purchase decision may contribute to consumers choosing the eco-friendly option. Lastly, the research discovered that when consumers use online shopping, no one in the sample group considers packaging during their purchase decisions, therefore creates some concern and is an area that should be explored further in future research.en
dc.title“An investigation into eco-friendly packaging in supermarket foods and its influence on the purchase behaviour of generation Y and Z individuals.”en

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