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dc.description.abstractAlthough, numerous studies have examined the motivations of sport consumers for attending sporting events, less research attention has been given to specific sports such as rugby. Additionally, there is paucity of research to date that examines small scale sporting events and their audience. Notably, there is also limited literature concerning sporting consumers’ motivations according to demographic segments. With this in mind, the purpose of this research was to contribute to the gaps identified in the existing literature. The primary aim of this study was to investigate motivational factors influencing individuals to attend the Borders Rugby Sevens. The objectives of the research aimed to identify attendee’s motivations to attend the Borders Rugby Sevens; to investigate if social facilitation is a dominant motivational factor for attending the Borders Rugby Sevens; and to evaluate whether motivations differ according to demographic characteristics such as gender, age and income. The literature review illustrated the gaps in the existing literate and analysed the most prominent scales that are used to measure sport motivations. Moreover, the methodological approach used within this study is quantitative, and an online questionnaire was the chosen method. A non-probability, convenience and snowball sample of 113 respondents were obtained. Overall, social opportunities were considered the most important motive for attending the Borders Rugby Sevens. Entertainment/ excitement was the second highest rated motive, followed by escape, team identification/ achievement and aesthetics. Drama was rated as the least important motive. Importantly, results revealed that there are differences in motivations for attending the Borders Rugby Sevens according to demographic characteristics such as age, gender and income. The findings of this research could be valuable to event managers and sport management professionals in improving event design, formulating marketing strategies and improving the overall event experience.en
dc.titleAn investigation into the motivations of attendees to sporting events: A case study of the Borders Rugby Sevensen

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