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dc.description.abstractPurpose: The purpose of this research is to explore the impacts tourism has on local residents during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Methodology: To carry out this research, a quantitative approach was used to collect data from local residents in Edinburgh. To collect the data for this study, it was all completed through online surveying. The online survey was passed around all forms of social media to receive as many responses as possible from residents in Edinburgh. Findings: The findings were analysed and discussed to the relevant key themes from literature and links were identified from previous research which helped to support areas for further research to be carried out. The impacts tourism has on residents was explored through feelings and opinions of the participants, particularly during the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh when the city is largely over-crowded. The aim and objectives were achieved through the research effectively recognising the impacts residents have experienced during the Fringe Festival and how they are restricted to achieve their daily activities. Value: This study was solely focussed on the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and tourism. There has been very little research on impacts tourism has on local residents in Edinburgh. This research is useful for implementing the need to understand over-tourism research, specifically towards the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and distinguish the issues local residents have difficulty with.en
dc.titleAn Investigation into the Impacts Tourism has on Local Residents during The Edinburgh Fringe Festival.en

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