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dc.description.abstractThis dissertation aims to explore consumer interactions and engagement on social media platforms in relation to music festivals. The project will research the use of engagement on social media when attending a music festival, there is a need for this as the advancements in technology have transformed the internet and social media into an influential tool. As this study was looking into the links between event marketing and social media, specific literature can be sparse or outdated, therefore a quantitative approach was deemed the most appropriate, quantitative data allows for the opinions and views of a larger sample to be analysed. An electronic questionnaire was placed to the social media of the researcher and handed to the students at Queen Margaret University. It was deemed that a deductive approach would be the most suitable when analysing the data. The research revealed five important findings: 1. There is a clear link between event marketing and social media. To successfully advertise to their target demographic, event organisers need to be able to keep up with the current social media patterns. The study found the majority of participants hear about music festivals online through the internet and social media. Event marketers must analyse the most effective ways to interact with their consumers to not only gain attendees at an event but to have interaction online. 2. The study found that consumers do not consider negative online reviews when deciding on an event to go to. The results are in line with researchers who believe that consumers wish to make their own opinions, preferring to experience the event for themselves. 3. Consumers enjoy the use of social media as they can share amongst others, create memories and have freedom of expression. When using social media at a music festival, very little engagement occurs before the event, the majority of engagement happens after the event is over. 4. The results found clear differences between the two age demographics researched, 18-24 and 25 and over. Although social media is the more favourable method of hearing about music festivals, more traditional means are still used by the older generations. Daily interaction times differ, the younger generations do spend longer each day on social media, this can be due to ‘unprecedented buying powers’ and growing up in the digital age. 5. Motivations to attend music festivals and go on social media whilst at festivals can be linked, it was also found that the motivations are different for the two age demographics. The younger generation attends these types of events for the social aspect, meeting with friends and creating memories.en
dc.titleAn exploration into consumer interactions and engagement on social media in relation to music festivalsen

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