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dc.description.abstractThis research aims to investigate the effects air transportation has on the development of tourist destinations by analysing travel tendencies as a result of air transport connectivity. It provides an overview of available literature on the topic in order to provide a contextual basis and identify the gap this research aims to fill. As Duval and Schiff (2011) state, air service is often a critical determinant of the overall performance of a tourism destination and as such the relationship between tourism and international commercial air transportation is therefore significant. The research aimed to find out what was understood by the term ‘well-connected’ in terms of tourist destination development and to research the specific role played by air transportation in the development of tourist destinations. It also aimed to further examine the relationship between travel tendencies as a result of connectivity and tourist destination development. An online questionnaire comprising of ten questions was distributed online over the course of two weeks. From this, results were collected and analysed, and it was found that air transportation played a vital role in the majority of respondent’s international trips. Ease of travel, affordability and scheduling were all found to be key determinants of choice and as such it was found to be in a tourist destinations best interest to ensure a well-connected air transportation network was established in order to capture the maximum share of potential tourists.en
dc.titleAn investigation into the effect air transportation connectivity has on the development of tourist destinations.en

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