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dc.description.abstractExploring and understanding the ways in which eyewitnesses make identification decisions is important for both theory and its overall applicability to the criminal justice system. This current research aims to come to a conclusion as to what decision processes/strategies and lineup procedure is most apt in eliciting correct identifications and thus overall accuracy. I captured participants’ identification decision processes/strategies via a think aloud procedure. I found evidence to suggest that nine different processes were used, and that these are elicited under different lineup procedures with varying levels of accuracy. My findings concluded that the use of specific decision processes/strategies and lineup procedure did not influence identification accuracy. The use of a relative judgement strategy was one of the most commonly used strategies elicited over both lineup procedures, contrary to results from previous literature. This finding and others are discussed, as well as limitations and future avenues for research. Keywords: decision processes, decision strategies, lineup procedure, correct identifications, eyewitness testimonyen
dc.titleDo Different Decision Strategies and Lineup Procedures Influence Identification Accuracy in Eyewitness Identifications?en

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