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dc.description.abstractThis research explored the lived experience of farmers in Northern Ireland who work on a farm or have grown up on a family farm. For an individual who has lived on and spent their entire life working on the farm, continuous changes are being made that has shaped the farming industry of today. This qualitative report aimed to provide an understanding of the farmers experience and the potential stressors that they perceive. Participants were recruited through social media (primarily Facebook and Instagram) and through word of mouth. Semi-structured interviews were conducted using five participants with a range of questions about their job and coping mechanisms used to help overcome a potentially stressful event. Collected data was analysed using Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA). Results showed that financial stress was the biggest stress factor along with others such as the portrayal of the farmer via social media and other external factors.en
dc.titleExperience of Stressors & Perception of Potential Impact on Mental Health of Farmers in Northern Ireland: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysisen

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