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dc.description.abstractObjective: To explore the lived experience of paid care workers using IPA. Participants: The 8 participants recruited in this study are paid caregivers in Scotland who support elderly clients. The participants received new names for this study: the 5 female participants were called Alex, Bailey, Charlie, Dani, and Elliot, while the 3 male participants were named Frankie, Glenn, and Harper. Methods: Participants were required to do semi-structured face-to-face recorded interview using an interview schedule. The recordings were transcribed and analysed using IPA thus generating the superordinate and subordinate themes of the study. Results: The data has generated 3 superordinate themes: Rewards, Challenges, and Support. Rewards is associated with 3 subordinate themes: Promoting Independence, Connection with Clients, and Joy and Positivity in the Workplace. Challenges is associated with 3 subordinate themes: Challenging/Violent Behaviour, Workload, and Transformative Experience. Support is associated with 2 subordinate themes: Frustration Due to Support Facilities and Importance of Empathy.en
dc.title“I love seeing them laughing and smiling and everything, it actually just brightens my heart.” The Use of IPA to Explore the Lived Experience of Paid Care Workers.en

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