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dc.description.abstractThe OCD literature is primarily dominated by quantitative research which does not provide personal insight into the lived experiences of people with OCD. Additionally, in recent years there has been an increase of online mental health websites which enables people to connect with others with similar experiences. However, no research to date has explored what support people with OCD may receive from online spaces. The current study aimed to address this gap in the literature by exploring the shared experiences of people who blog about life with OCD. The secondary aim was to explore possible mechanisms of support and seeking help. The researcher implemented the use of secondary data by obtaining eight blog posts from the website Mind. The blogs were written by people over the age of eighteen with personal experience of the condition. The data was analysed using thematic analysis which enabled for recurring themes and patterns of meaning to be identified across the dataset. The process of analysis produced five overarching themes namely, (1) Internal Conflict, (2) Attempts to Exert Control and Structure, (3) Perception of Negative Impact, (4) Frustration with Perceived Isolation and (5) Connection with an OCD Community. The findings of the current study allowed for a deeper understanding of the shared experience of people with OCD. Additionally, the study provided novel findings in relation to online support and offered greater insight into people’s experiences of seeking help for the condition. These findings have possible implications for future treatment interventions.en
dc.titleThe Shared Experiences of People who Blog about their Life with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.en

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