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dc.description.abstractThis research explores the lived experiences of male nursery practitioners in Scotland. Data were collected through three semi-structured interviews with men who had worked as nursery practitioners for more than two years. Participants shared a great deal of information of their own personal experiences. The research uses phenomenological theory in gaining data and thematic analysis to identify key themes which arose from the interviews. The themes that were identified from the participants subjective experiences all showcased the influence gender has had on their personal and professional lives. The themes that were identified are the perceptions from those around them and in wider society, the advantages and disadvantages being male has had on their careers, their assumed roles as father figures in nursery settings and the gender stereotypes placed on the participants and those they apply to themselves. The participants had differing views on some of the topics discussed, which illustrated the subjective nature of the experiences of men working in female dominated occupations.en
dc.titleExploring the Lived Experiences of Male Nursery Practitioners’ Gender Performance and Gender Identity in a Female Dominated Career.en

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