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dc.description.abstractThis research examines young women’s perceptions of the role of social media in perpetuating feminine beauty ideals. As the use of social media has grown rapidly over the years, so too has the prominence of online beauty influencers and bloggers. Young women are using social media as a means of communicating with each other, the wider world, and as a mode of consumption, especially engaging with social media influencers in particular. There are limited previous studies which focus on the effects that social media platforms, such an Instagram, have on women’s self-esteem, and perceptions of beauty and body image. Beauty has no single definition but has many meanings and real consequences for those who fail to conform to the ideals of beauty (Anderson-Edwards, 2013). This research concluded that it is evident social media plays a role in how women should conform to beauty ideals however the participants had shown clear agency in knowing the dangers and consequences that can come with this. Therefore, it is apparent that individuals are aware of societal beauty ideals however do not internalize these standards to the same extent as shown.en
dc.titleWomen’s Perceptions of The Role of Social Media in Perpetuating Feminine Beauty Idealsen

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