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dc.description.abstractBrillat Savarin once said: you are what you eat, signifying that varying aspects of a person can be concluded through their food choices. However, he possibly forgot to account for food allergic individuals, who are forced to avoid certain foods and have a restrictive diet. A condition wherein labels, and ingredient list must be compulsive read to ensure that the food is safe to eat. The research will explore the limitation in anaphylaxis that impact the participants relationship with food. The research examines whether the participant still enjoys consuming their food, despite all the restrictions. Questionnaire and interviews were used to collect data. The conclusion derived from the results showed that anaphylaxis does have a negative impact on the relationship with food however, these impacts can be temporary and improve over time based on the individual’s perception towards their allergies.en
dc.titleAn investigation on anaphylaxis and its impacts on the relationship with fooden

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