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dc.description.abstractObjective: This dissertation focuses on what psychodynamic studies have found on mothers with postpartum depression (PPD), followed by the rationale of art psychotherapy for distressed mothers through the perspective of neurobiology. Furthermore, this paper will explore the effects of art psychotherapy and other creative interventions, such as music, on postpartum mothers in distress. It then provides a summary of overall findings, gaps in studies and further recommendations for future research in the context of working with mothers with PPD. Methods: A narrative literature review was chosen as the methodology, aiming to investigate and summarise what has been previously studied. Literature was retrieved through the database search of CINAL Plus, MEDLINE, ProQuest Central, and Google scholar. English language and full-text published and unpublished articles and books were also included. Conclusions: Through the process of thematic analysis, the author identified four key themes: 1) There is a significant association between adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and PPD. 2) Group art psychotherapy intervention has proven to be effective in alleviating a sense of isolation, shame, loss of self and in turn offering mothers space and supporting for the transition into motherhood through self-reflection, rebuilding new identity whilst creating resilience. 3) Combined art and music therapy as an emergent field to be studied for mothers with PPD. 4) Dual experience researchers, both as former service users for the health care service and as art psychotherapists, might be beneficial in providing first-hand lived experience of 3 postpartum difficulties and appropriate insight into carefully designing research questions and methods.en
dc.titleA Narrative Review of the Literature around Art Psychotherapy as an Intervention for Mothers Experiencing Postpartum Depressionen

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