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dc.description.abstractBackground Communication has an important role to play when providing person-centred care, it can improve the overall experience the patient has or be a barrier to providing a holistic care approach. It is important that all healthcare professionals understand how communication can impact the patient’s overall experience. Literature review The literature review aimed to discover what patients’ opinions of their experiences during their diagnostic or investigative journey. Little research was available that had a direct link to angiographic procedures in the UK, however there was research on communication during the diagnostic/investigative journey. As there was limited research related to angiographic procedures there is scope for further research in this area. The main themes that were discovered during the literature review were: 1. The link between communication and health literacy. 2. The role of communication in forming a relationship of trust between the patient and the practitioner. 3. The impact of culture and team working on the communication processes. Aim The main aim of this proposal is to gain an understanding of patient experiences during a diagnostic or investigative procedure, in particular the experiences participants have during an angiographic procedure. Method A phenomenological approach using in-depth semi-structured interviews involving 8 participants who have recently had a diagnostic or investigative angiography within an NHS Scotland hospital. The interviews will be recorded and then transcribed, the data will be then be analysed. Implications for practice The results of the study will hopefully provide an insight into if current staff training is sufficient or if more training is needed in order to improve the patient’s overall experience.en
dc.titleExploring patient experiences of person-centred care during investigative and/or diagnostic journeys.en

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