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dc.description.abstractAbstract Aim: The aim of this study is to explore nurses experience, knowledge, views, values, and beliefs of the self-administration of insulin in a general medical ward. Background: The United Kingdom has the highest rate of Type One Diabetes (T1) with approximately 400,000 people currently living with the condition. Individuals who have a long-term condition such as diabetes become experts in managing their condition and in the aim to provide true person-centred care to these individuals their knowledge and skills should be valued and used. The literature review aimed to identify relevant literature in relation to individual’s management of diabetes in their daily life, healthcare staff knowledge and management of type one diabetes and current practice of insulin administration for inpatients. Design: Qualitative exploratory descriptive study. Method: The study will be carried out in a small teaching hospital located in Scotland within NHS Lothian. The study will consist of semi-structured interviews on a one-to-one basis with 15 registered nurses who have experience of caring for patients who have insulin dependent diabetes. With the consent of the nurse the interview will be voice recorded and later transcribed using a thematic approach. Conclusion and Implications for practice: Patient safety is paramount when administering insulin and caring for individuals who have insulin dependent diabetes. There needs to be more research done into nursing knowledge and understanding of this topic. Further development and implementation of training and guidelines should be given to healthcare staff to improve patient safety. Tools and guidelines should be made readily available to guide and support nurses and healthcare staff to adopt a person-centred approach to diabetes care and management through shared decision making.en
dc.title“What are nurses’ experiences, knowledge, views, values, and beliefs on self-administration of insulin in hospital?”en

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