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dc.description.abstractThe aim of this research is to undertake a critical evaluation on the use of flexible work arrangements and the effect it can have on individuals, teams and organisations. This study will explore the different types of flexible work arrangements available and helps to gain a better understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of flexible working to employees and organisations. The aims and objectives of this research will be achieved through an in-depth literature review along with the results and analysis of semi-structured interviews. The researcher decided to adopt a qualitative approach through the use of semi-structured interviews from 10 respondents working in different sectors who currently utilise flexible work arrangements. The researcher decided to interview individuals from different sectors and some with care responsibilities to help gain a deep understanding of the effects flexible working can have on individuals with varying circumstances. The results gathered from the thematic analysis of interviews, identified different and emerging themes that have a direct impact on the motivation, productivity and commitment of employees and the effects it can have on individuals work-life balance. Finally, this study will outline future recommendations for the research topic such as the possibility of further research focusing more on the organisational perspective more than just individual perspective. Future researchers should adopt a mixed-method approach in order to gain a wider perspective on the impact of flexible working.en
dc.titleFlexibility in the workplace: Investigating the impact of flexible work arrangements on individuals, teams and organisationsen

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