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dc.description.abstractThis research investigates the complaint handling procedures of Tesco and assesses the management perceptions of their effectiveness. This study will explore why customer complaint handling procedures are important for the grocery firms operating in the UK. It will also look at what the Tesco management carry on in their stores, assessing and comparing the available literature as the best complaint handling procedures. Finally, it will make a recommendation on how Tesco can enhance its in-store complaint handling procedures to achieve the best outcomes. The research objectives have been achieved by analysing manager interviews measuring their responses. For this study, the qualitative research method has been chosen to gather in-depth thought and underlying patterns. The research identified in qualitative analysis the most appropriate method for this research due to the allocated time and the lack of literature available. The main findings suggest that Tesco management is aware of the most important impacts of the most used compensation techniques to prevent service failure. Customer loyalty has been identified to be the most crucial impact after their service recovery strategy; however, more efficient training to improve the complaint handling procedures could be provided to make the management aware of the value of their strategy and the percentage of the retained customers. On the other hand, a larger sample could show different results; additionally, managers working in a different area might have a deeper understating of the phenomenon. In-store procedures have been assessed have shaped accordingly to new technologies, allowing synchronous communication between stores and head-quarter. Finally, the most used recovery tool has been identified in the monetary compensation; however, even if managers agreed on this point, further studies indicate that this tool should not be overused in every situation, but, wisely according to the complaint channel and the customer typology.en
dc.titleAn investigation on Tesco complaint handling procedures using manager thoughtsen

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