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dc.description.abstractSeveral studies in other countries have addressed the impact of green marketing on a hotel’s reputation, however no similar academic research has been undertaken on the Scottish hotel sector. The results of this study can make a significant contribution not only to building hotels’ reputation in Scotland, but also, in term of sustainability, represent the country internationally in a good light. The study aimed to investigate the influence of green marketing on customer behaviour in building corporate reputation in Scotland. To achieve the objectives and the desired results, a quantitative approach was adopted through an online survey with respondents having spent at least one night at a hotel in Scotland in the last five years. Multiple regression analysis assessed the strength of the relationship between green marketing activities and corporate reputation using a convenience sample of 202 respondents. Significant associations for corporate reputation were identified via three variables, including Eco-friendly Products and Services, Green Promotion and Green Image. These findings contributed to imply a new approach to green reputation which can be considered as a initial step to a better understanding of environmental activities in the field of green hotels. The results of this research might benefit marketers and based on the recommendations, offer to future students an opportunity to further develop the outcomes of this study.en
dc.titleGreen Marketing Activities as An Effective Tool for Building Corporate Reputation in The Hotel Industry Within a Scottish Contexten

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